070 Shake or Danielle Balbuena is an American Hip - Hop recording artist from North Berguen, New Jersey. 070 Shake is a part of the musical collective 070. Being one of the hottest upcoming talents in the scene, I wanted to rebrand a concept cover for 070. Structurally strong and visually enticing, just as represented in her music. I was referencing the vibe of a particular song called "Bass For My Thoughts" that pushed me to contrast a lot of fluid imagery with geometrical lines to create the cover. I further used the graphic for vinyl covers, concert merchandise, tickets and posters.  


Packaging Design / Album Cover

070 Poster.jpg
070 Poster.jpg
070 Poster.jpg
Vinyl Record PSD MockUp.jpg
Vinyl Record MockUp-Vinyl.jpg
Ticket mockup (070 SHAKE).jpg
070 Performance.jpg
Apple Music Mockup.jpg