Nought One, a fashion label based out of India that is currently shaping the way Indian's interact with street fashion and culture. While streetwear has been here for decades, the Indian audiences have seen very little of it. "Hyped Indian" is a collection that allows for a bold statement to be made through a neon colour story and well-tailored fabrics. Taking inspiration from traditional Japanese silhouettes such as the Hakama skirt, the collection was able to showcase a modern blend of cultures adapted for not only an Indian audience but an international one as well. Adidas Originals India helped bring life to the collection through collaborating on the collection as a shoe partner. Every street enthusiast knows that the kicks make or break an outfit.     

Nought One is all about the streets. Working under the founder of the label, Abhishek Paatni. I was tasked to create bold graphics for phrases such as "Crew 01" and "01" that resonated with the identity of the brand, alongside with concepting the final pieces of the line.

CREW 01.png

Reaching the final stage of the editorial, my role moved to art directing and creating the set for the whole campaign. Since neon was symbolic of the collection, I wanted to create a set that allowed for the clothes to look dynamic but still creative. Using LED tube lights as my medium, I created several abstract, geometric light installations that were in sync with the form and colour. I further added elements such as water and smoke to enhance the visual and give the area we were working in depth. 


Bollywood Actor, Shaihd Kapoor In "Hyped Indian" 

Musician, Raja Kumari In "Hyped Indian"