Rabba a single by Indian artist Aeereo ft Mitika launched to Speed Records. 

I worked as the art director for this project with a focus on directing set and location production, actor direction, and crafting the visual narrative. 

Project is currently sitting at 445K views on Youtube. 


Art Direction 


Song : Rabba (Full Video) Artist : Aerreo feat Mitika Kanwar Music Composer : Mitika Kanwar

Music Producer : Aerreo Lyrics : Mitika Vocals : Mitika Mixing & Mastering : Aerreo

Performed by : Aerreo, Mitika Cast : Srishtea Maddan, Gauri Sood Stylist : Devika Pathak, Beardseyeview Production Manager : Vaibhav Gupta Makeup Artist : Priyanshi

Art Direction : Varun Vig Colorist : Mohitfornow 2nd Cinemat : Vinay Yadav Director, DOP, Editor,

Art Director : Crevixa Production Team : Rakshita Boken, Rideographer, Rohit Jalal, Vaibhav Bansal Label : Speed Records