Varun Vig is a Visual Artist and Art Director based in Brooklyn, New York who thrives on creative problem solving through the lens of art, design and youth culture.


He has a BFA from The Parsons School Of Design, New York with a major in Communication Design and a minor in Fashion Communication. Varun's work embodies the cumulation of many years of knowledge and understanding of urban subcultures and life experiences that aim to define his particular style and aesthetic. Inspired to create and tell stories of cultures, brands, people and emotions through visual design and creative storytelling.

Always striving to take on leadership roles, embrace teamwork and motivate through his vision, Varun also houses a love for fashion, graffiti, dance and sneakers. An avid traveller and a little bit of an adrenaline junkie. 

Varun Vig Resume 2020 - White - Design-0