The Dessert Lab is patisserie based put of New Delhi, India with the sole focus on providing high - end desserts and bakes to keep you coming back for more. The brief focused on creating deliverables to create an identity for the brand and marketing tools that could be used for their promotion. 

Logo variations, posters, packaging and illustrative art was designed for the brand.


Identity Design / Packaging Design / Logo

Dessert Lab Gradient Logo-01.png
Dessert Lab Gradient Logo 2-12.png
Dessert Lab System Chart [Recovered].png
Dessert Lab Flyer-02.png
Dessert Lab Flyer-07.png
Dessert Lab Flyer-05.png
Dessert Lab Flyer Mock Up.png
Dessert Lab Menu Mockup 1.png
Dessert Lab Menu Mock up 2.png
Dessert Lab Flyer-09.png
Dessert Lab Flyer-10.png