"Phase 3" is the story of the first dance crew to come out of a small village in Nathupur, Haryana in India. From the slums to the stage, portraying a coherent progression of TopRock Crew’s journey as creatives, but also as the youth in one of the biggest growing democracies in the world. "Phase 3" paints India’s urban youth culture through the eyes of a community that has found identity through Hip - Hop culture.

“Phase 3” is focused attempt to showcase and draw parallels to the crew members lives and show an evolution in identity and relationships to the outside world. The journey of TopRock Crew has been documented over the time frame of seven years through photography, film and personal testimonies that give a deeper understanding of the lives of each individual and their community. This has been compiled in the form of a book and documentary.

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 Promotion Video For "Phase 3" Book

Digital Flip Through Of "Phase 3" Book

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